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 Welcome to Bjs Lavendar Farm BJ's Lavender is located in Bakersfield, Ca. We grow our Lavender and Herbs without spraying, which means you can find us out in the field weeding by hand. We grow lavender for crafts & three kinds for culinary. We have been growing lavender for 5 years and have now opened the farm to the public. We are located on the south side of Bakersfield just a little north of Hwy 119 between Panama Road and Taft Hwy 119, at 9400 Wible Road. We have live plants in the spring for sale. Our harvest season is the middle of May through the 2nd week in June. Sometimes we can go until July. All depends on the weather.  We are starting to grow some medicinal herbs and have put together a few herbal products. The farm is open to visitors during harvest.  There are three ways you can shop. At the farm by appointment after harvest season, at the Farmers Market or here on our web site.    Please sign up for our newsletter so I can let you know when the lavender is ready. Then you can come out with your camera to take pictures or you can bring your paints and spend the day painting or just come out and pick our sweet smelling lavender.        Hope you enjoy shopping with us. We are a small family owned and operated farm where we grow our lavender naturally . My husband, daughter and I along with some friends do the planting and harvesting of the lavender. We harvest by hand and then hang the lavender up in our barn to dry. The farm is now open by appointment.  We make our own soap from goat milk with lavender essential oil added in. We have all kinds of different themed soap molds. Just let us know what you are looking for. I make all the Lavender Products here on the farm and getting ready to make our own lavender essenial oil this year.  Thank you for taking the time to look at our site.

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